The animated video “Success in the New Economy” was created to help you, your family, your students, and your institution  be prepared for tomorrow’s labor market realities.  It is a compelling case for students to receive both a hands-on, technical training and a theoretical, classic education as part of a balanced approach to life and career preparation. With over 1 Million views, the impact of the video has launched a grass-roots movement that is data-driven, student centered, and changing the way people think about education.  It has resulted in keynote presentations,  educator training sessions from coast to coast,and the development of other customized animation videos. 

America has a skills gap.  Only by transparently discussing education, workforce training, and policy changes can we make systemic shifts for the betterment of our regional economies.  

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 With rising education costs, mounting student debt, fierce competition for jobs, and the oversaturation of some academic majors in the workforce, we need to once again guide students towards personality-aligned careers and not just into college.  Extensively researched, (Re)Defining the Goal deconstructs the prevalent “one-size-fits-all” education agenda.    Dr. Fleming provides a fresh perspective, replicable strategies, and outlines six proven steps to help students secure a competitive advantage in the new economy. Gain a new paradigm and the right resources to help students avoid the pitfalls of unemployment, or underemployment, after graduation.

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Student data is often presented as a snapshot in time, but Dr. Fleming was interesting in tracking students from ninth grade all the way to gainful employment. The result of this education and labor market analysis was published by the National Science Foundation.  The revealing white paper, California's Neglected Majority: The Case for Skilled Technicians,  identifies the leaky funnel in public education using approachable data and an infographic that all educators should reflect upon.

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In addition to countless keynote presentations and facilitated events, here are just a few of our favorite projects, videos, and publications.  Contact us if you are looking for a dynamic keynote for your next conference.

Learn the 4 skills and 4 steps all students need to be successful in school, career, and life. Written and narrated by Dr. Kevin Fleming, this new animation video was developed specifically for a student audience.  As all successful project are, this was a collaboration funded by the Career & Technical Education Pathway Program awarded to the Desert/Inland Empire Region and directed by Blackfisk Creative Inc.  For classroom use, four corresponding lesson plans, with four segmented videos, are posted  here.